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Rebelling against every type of convention, VIA RODEO brings a taste of the edgy Los Angeles fashion scene to the streets of Dubai. A completely original unisex concept store, VIA RODEO writes its own rules about what a boutique should be; a showcase of artistic, independent designers in an explosive riot of creativity where art, music and fashion collide.   

VIA RODEO is a multi-brand, grand “mansion” that has been invaded by punks and its dramatic décor and fashion collections reflect this. Spray-painted stone lion statues stand guard over the marble fireplace while comic-book printed baroque sofas adorn the “formal living room” which hosts the edgy, casual menswear. 

As you cross over into the “family room” you find yourself in the middle of an Alice-in-Wonderland dream where the checkered floor is on the ceiling, the tables are upside-down  and monkeys stare back at you while you get comfy on the sofa. Here you will find the daring ladieswear; funky, printed t-shirts, alluring hand-painted dresses that are wearable works of art & lingerie-infused playful bikinis make a strong statement with their striking prints and sexy details.  Loud, flashy shoes and handbags adorn all corners of the rooms and seem to shout out at you.  

VIA RODEO is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who are daring & want to be different whether it’s on the beach, lounging with friends or rockin' out in a club; VIA RODEO has something for every occasion. 


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